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Hey! We’re Superlinear, an Italian developer/designer duo making all kinds of web and mobile apps.

We’re nerds at heart, so we love solving problems and making software that improves users lives, even a tiny bit. We're also obsessed with polish, pixel-perfection, and making apps that are delightful to use.

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Products we make

Boxy SuiteBoxy Suite

The best Gmail and Google Calendar experience for Mac.

Gmail and Calendar as you know and love them, but tweaked and refined to become great Mac apps, with many native features and deep system integration.

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Boxy Suite


Beautiful curated newsletters with the best Reddit content.

We believe email newsletters are still an effective and convenient way to consume great content. That’s why we’ve built Unreadit, a newsletter network that mixes automation and curation to give you the very best Reddit content of the week.

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As heavy Slack users, we couldn’t live without dark mode.

So we created a free, lightweight, Slack client with Dark Mode, now used by thousands of people in companies around the world.

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All our products

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